Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A day at the farm....

Today was one of those amazing rare clear crisp winter days.  We spent most of it outside..

...even the old girl, Penny who is 15, joined us (a rare occasion).  I wandered around the property planning  next year's garden,

Soon the green houses will be tidied and I will be spending hours planting seeds...

...even the faded garden gnome seemed to be waiting for spring.  I found the hardy garlic plants poking through the frozen ground...

I love the  anticipation of spring - am I the only one pouring over seed catalogues this time of year?

With the beginning of a New Year I am determined to stop planning and thinking and take the advice of Donna at and just do.  I have actually quoted this a few times but sometimes the simplist advice is the best.  I'd like mention Diana from as being one of the first blogs I read for inspiration and thank you Diana for being my first visitor. 

What inspires you?

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