Sunday, 26 January 2014

Feral hmmmm

I thought I'd start the year out with trying to blog again. I became very frustrated trying to design and improve  the blog so I gave up.  I read Blogging for Dummies, watched many a youtube how to video and still I can't figure it out (you'll notice my header photo is off center and I just can t seem to fix it and I hate the font selection) so if anyone has any advice on Blogger and an easy photo shop program I'd love to hear it. 
Now that my little moan is over....
Since my last post we have had a few additions to our family..


The existing herd Marengo, Bud, and Thistle...

...and new herd member,  Ella an Oldenburg mare.   She is lovely.  Before Christmas she had OC surgery on her hock and must be walked 15 minutes a day for two months before we can begin ridding her again.
And with three dogs...
Titus 16 month puppy
Nervous Nellie 5 year old rescue
Penny 16 year old girl
...I figured we had enough pets to look after...
...until the rats!
At the end of the summer our loafing hay shed became over run with rats.  Normally I don't  get overly concerned with rodents on a farm.  They eat the grain and hay dropped by the horses and unlike city rats our rats are well fed, don't live in the sewers and have a healthy country lifestyle.  But this summer their numbers exploded and they were becoming quite destructive.  I set down traps and caught one or two but then they left the traps alone; I hate to use poison but I broke down and lay out poison and got their numbers under control.  But then  Titus came into the house one day with a dead rat - poisoned I m sure.... husband dislikes cats and to be honest I m not that keen on them myself (I thought).
Then last September hubby came home from work:
Hubby:  A feral cat had kittens in the courtyard outside our office and the ladies in the office                 have been feeding them.
Me:  That's what we need for the barn, feral cats.
Hubby: hmmmm
a couple of days later.
Hubby: Some of the kittens have disappeared so the ladies in the office are trying to catch           them rest of the litter and the mum.
Me:  Tell them we ll take them for the barn.  If there feral they ll be independent and we wont get attached to them so it wont be like having more pets to look after.
Hubby: I dunno....hmmmmm the time they were caught only two kittens survived
...and they now Momma and the two kittens live in our barn
...the grey kitten is Angel and she is still very shy (could be because I stepped on her whilst cleaning the stalls)...
...but Devlin has become very social and affectionate.  He rides in my wheelbarrow and follows me everywhere....
Hubby.....feral hmmmmmm



  1. That feral mum looks SO like my old (deceased) cat, Martin. Lovely to have found you and thanks for following me too!

  2. Sorry - I also meant to say that it took me AGES to work out the whole layout thing. In the end, I cropped my header image so that it fitted exactly. I find it quite annoying when people have a HUGE image that goes all the way across but also drops down for miles so you have to scroll through it. Crop it wide and short like mine and it should be okay. It took ages to get the width ratio right but I got there in the end. Just play about with it and try not to kill anyone when you get frustrated! I came close!

    1. Thanks for the words of advice, I'll try and persevere this time.

  3. Welcome back!
    I can't help with blogger, but I think whichever software you use, you need a lot of patience! Things are certainly happening on the farm. I hate rats..

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